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Thursday, May 15, 2008
i had changed my blogg!!!!
so please got to.
for my new blogg..!!

actually i already wrote at the tag les.
but it seems that people are blind!!!! =X
no lars. just kidding. =PP
so, wont be blogging here so often. will be blogging over the other blog ba.

written @ 8:47:00 PM
Sunday, May 04, 2008
hey. i am suppose to spending my day with someone. =PP
but i think i rejected it. no idea why i did that but i just dont wish to go out..maybe the weather is too hot. to be exact saying he is a friend of mine. rather a close friend to me those kind who would be mistaken for my BF. BUT hes not. thats for sure. why? some would ask. cause we were too close? to be sitting down together to gossip about someone we knew rather than holding hands together walking down a street. i will not disclose who is that him as i dont think he wants me to. =)) he remains as my secret buddy. he doesnt wants to know any of my girlfriends. all he wants to know is what am i going through. nice buddy i have right? but sometimes i just have the thought, "is he Gay?" haas. hes gonna kill me if he read this post. but whatever, he cant do anything to me. XD
i got a secret weapon against him!!!! im so evil. thats what he called me too. evil little angel. no 1 calls me that in school. everyone just said angelynn is a devil!! =)) im proud to say that I AM!! isnt it good to be a devil at times, when others are all acting so angelic. which MIGHT not be them. i said MIGHT okie? not saying anyone in particular. alright. enuff of HIM! =PP im a bit side track. =/ okie..alot..=_= i admit. =((

i pushed the date with him aside, and i slept till 2 plus. im such a piGgie. =X lacking of my beauty sleep. so tried to replenish them once at a go. but i dont think that would work out well as it would just spoil my biology clock. but heck it. =)) just want to sleep, anyways who wants to stay awake at such a freaky hot weather!!! gosh!! i woke up, ate my late lunch. and i started downloading my animes. Romeo X Juliet. i had NEVER EVER watched or read Romeo and Juliet before. but i just knew that they were not supposed to fall in love with each other. but they died for each other in the end. tada~~ back to where im suppose to continue. my 2 little cousins popped in today. =)) both of them were just SO opposite of each other. 1 is SO mischievous and the other is so goody goody. i love BOTH of them!! they just brights up my day. went dinner with them, then went to Downtown east. it was newly renovated. looks damn new and cool. theres a mini-ferris wheel too!! i took the ferris wheel with the littles cousin! hes so damn excited till his hands are cold. =_= but the eldest doesnt not want to take it, saying its dangerous. LOL. and i chased him to enter. but still nono for him. the tickets for is EX!! SUPER DUPER EX!!! 6.50 bucks for each person regardless of the age!!! i would rather spent the money on ice cream and make me fat rather than to go 2-3 rounds the centre. no scenery, just looking at people eating at the nearby restaurants. =_="" my uncles treat me to it. im like pushing it away, and they just scared me with the face they got. =/ and i entered it. reminds me of my days in Genting. way up high, nice sceneries. and my friends were shaking the carriage. =_= freaked me out totally. back to the centre. went to shopp in NTUC. i bought a number of things. sweets, cereals, oatmeal porridage, choco-pie, yakults. my dad said that amount of money is gonna be deducted from my allowance!!! so BAD of HIM!!! =(( then we went back home. and my bro msg me out of no where with a new number. i thought who sia. then he said that i could stay at his new house when it is ready by september. =)) im SO HAPPY!! and i love HIM!!! he lives at woodlands so which means, i would be staying near my school and i could wake up LATE!!! i felt so thrilled after that. and he joked about me buying my own bed and closet. i said i would buy a mattress and a box to fill my clothes. XD well, i think hes aiming me to buy him a sofabed. i am just going to stay till April. and im free from my parents!! =))) but i dont think i will have much more freedom, cause my bro NAGS!! but nevermind. i love my parents. so i really do love my family. =)))))))
learn to cherish before they leaves you. =))) oh yar. Xk is gonna go NS on 16 June. so planning to give him a party like a farewell party or a miss you party. LOL. nah. just a gathering ba. and to take photos. see whether he slims down after NS. =PP kiddding.~
shall talk about my labor day outing. which is to ECP!! not the expressway. but to East Coast. =))
went there with WL and LingLing. cause the rest just PS-ed me. but this kind of things happens always. so im IMMUNE to it. =)) no worries. had a great outing today, as i fulfilled my needs to go to the beach! wanted to shout out to the sea but too many people looking. i will shy dess.. =X we took photos and looked at the sea. feel the breeze. just felt GREAT!!! esp with friends like LingLing and WL. we then walked on the beach, i dont really felt like making my feet wet, cause im wearing slippers, but was persuaded to walk on the waterside. =)))) had difficulties walking properly on the waterside. with the water splashing on to your feet while walking.

the elmo me. =))))))))
dumb face in the middle. =PPP
alrite. im FAT. i admit. =((( im trying to slim down now. so bear with me now.
and thanks LingLing for the photo edits. =))

love this pic. =))))))
Left= ChuChudarling.me.LingLing=Right

written @ 12:40:00 AM
Monday, April 28, 2008
we called him Xiao Zhu! =)) cute right? love it!! *mUacks*

haven been in form these few days. is either always shag or just emo. gosh. i really hate myself when i EMO! but nowadays, is alright lar. been like sickly these few days recently. Zzz. but still able to get up early for school. and im SICK of FAST FOOD!!!! *vomits* stop eating FAST FOOD!! you will get FATTT!!!! okie? =)) im saying for your good! =)) so please take note!! okie. next!! is me damn frustrated for my FYP! i just think i sucks!! i totally had no idea what am i doing. =(( feel like crying out. no idea what i had to do and what i am supposed to do. but nvms. i shall try harder at the meeting later to understand what i have to do. =/ okie. next!! i got my color lenses! at first my mum was against it, but in the end she just says forget it. keke. no idea why. its just color, and i got GRAY!! not too obvious nor too normal. =)) thats what i think btw. if you have any comments, just write it at the tag board or just shuddup alright? =D oh, i went BBall-ing with Bitch!! lolx. YEAP. i called her BITCH! and she called me that too. it all started when i started to call her basturd and she corrected me, saying she is female. therefore! i called her Bitch! lolx! some people might find it offensive. but we both know its just jokingly. =)) we had a good talk after we played BBall. somehow after a while, i find it enlightening for some matters. that is DONT THINK TOO MUCH. =D maybe i should shuddup for some matters. =)) then i went to her house to wash up. and we decided to catch a movie. which is........

HANSEL and GRETEL!!! Bitch was covering her face for some parts. which crack me up! =X but it was a bit saddening at the end. =(( im tearing. cause the person deserves to DIE!!! the girl is so cute, and yet Bitch says its scary. LOL. so amusing!! then i went back home after we had our dinner at Banquet. =))

and this is the outing on Sunday!! =)) doing a good deed!!

i chose the color. =))
its Gay. BUT its HAPPY!! =D
and sadly, Peck cant donate, cause her veins are clotted up. =((
and she was poked for 3 times!
Poor Peck~ *sayang*
then Peck's mum fetch us back to Tamp.
Thanks Auntie!! =))
we checked the timing for the following show.

its a NICE show!
we had nice snacks too.
we had salted pop-corn and Nachos! i only eat Nachos from GV.
but we finished the Nachos before the movie started. =((
cause mookie bought it too early. LOL
enjoyed the movie. funny at some parts. =)) the fighting part is cool.
the Little Swallow is beautiful~~ and i had 1 conclusion after watching the show.....
that is JET LI and JACKIE CHAN english CMI!!! LOL!!
then Peck going her grandma house to makan le. so me and mookie went home.
on the way home, saw piGgie!
called him and he spotted me. we said hi, bye and we went separate ways. LOL
heard he hurt his back, so not coming for today's lesson.
take care ar uNcle piGgie!! =))

written @ 1:36:00 PM
Sunday, April 20, 2008
once a girl who is laughing non-stop with her friends, laughing at something which is not even funny. a girl whom thinks that she found her life-long friends, her 'BFFs'. surprisingly, which came out that they are just people who misplaced other people's trust. lost her smile, lost her long lasting laughter. people to her, are just someone to be with just to pass time with. touching the matter on trust is so forbidden for her. no idea how to face the matter, so all she did was to run away from the fact. running away to the place where no one knows what had happened. the place where it had no memories of the fact that had happened. wanted to forget the things that had happened, but memories are forever will be there not forgotten and not erased. maybe they could be a lesson for me. but would i ever learn from these lessons? i wonder. never mind. just push it aside of my mind for right now. i should move on with my life first.
talking about moving on, i thought about what am i suppose to do after i graduate. working outside for a random company as a logistics? would that work? will that last me for long? what can i apply what i learn to the company? i thought. so i decided to work damn hard for the grades! to just apply the course i want if i get the chance to the university. or at least to show my family that i am not stupid. i AM trying to POSITIVE, alright? trying so hard that i am stress till that i wish to cry out so loud. but whom can i turn to? who can i talk to? i cant face my family crying and telling them how sad i am, or how stress i am. cause i dont talk to them about all these kinds of stuff. i dont want them to worry about me. so i just shuddup in front of them. and just be a happy gurl who likes to goes to school and enjoy studying. but i think they knew what i am up to. =X friends then? whom can i trust? people whom tell me that i can trust them in the end misplace my trust. should i give them a chance? or rather a chance of possibility to get myself hurt once more. actually, frankly to me, matters that had happened will always have a crack there. so no matter how much u did after that, it would not make the crack there disappear. maybe this sounds bad, or rather sad or whatever, but this is what i believed in. so, always think of the consequences(reminding myself of it too). people do make mistakes, but how serious the mistakes they made an impact on the person plays a part too. thats what i think. i think its enough for today. a bit tired of talking all these. and i think i should talk about yesterday.
yesterday i went to vivo to take my paycheck, so i asked YenLeng,Weiliang and Tim along. but Tim is able to meet us after 6 cause he need to work. so i went along with the rest first, we went to take pay check at swenson and Mdm Glenn make fun of me. =( say i need to pay 20 bucks just to take the cheque. and Sir Asra also played along. he more fierce, he wants the whole cheque. LOL. was quite happy to see the people there. although i dont work there anymore, but memories there is fun. =)) then we went to ate Yoshinoya. ate my usual meal there, Chicken Teriyaki. Weiliang treat us drinks! cause he is LATE! yeap. then we went walking around, then went to the place where YenLeng work during the holidays. then we went to the pet safari.(i think) saw the puppies!! dammn cute!! okie!!! if i had my own house, i am so going to rear a pet! XD okie. back to the topic. we had no idea what to do, so it is either go to Sentosa or the movies. in the end, its the movies that we went. cause someone dint want to go Sentosa, say very hot. will die de. =_= we watched the Bucket List. it was draggy, im almost dozing off in the middle of the movies, but it was quite touching at the end of the movies. ='(( i cried. so sad!!!! =(( i wanted to have a Bucket List too!! =X say as if i am dying soon. keke then after the movies, Weiling went off, so left me and YenLeng to shop around while waiting for Tim. we went to Sushi Tei to eat. the food is nice, and i dint ate much of the raw food. but i saw Tim and YenLeng enjoying them. and Tim treat us lots. =)) thanks sister! =D yeah, hes the sister of the day! then after that we all took bus home, i spent my time sleeping on the bus. damn shagged after the day. but was funn. XD

written @ 11:14:00 PM
Thursday, April 17, 2008
alrite. starting off with my new busy life. FYP. this 3 letters would just turn me off and freak me out. all the shitty things all come after the 2 years of slacking. most RP students knew what i meant. 2 years of slacking and then! ha ha! 3rd year is going get the hell outta you!!!!! just damn shagg after 2 meetings with the supervisor. our supervisor is called Chin Siong Sheng.(i think) i dont care. he said called him Chin. alrite, Chin. actually, hes a nice guy lar. telling us our expections of what are we going to do and so on. but we got lectured by him when we were unable to get the WBS done. =X cause we misinterpret! and HEY! we dint do nth alrite! we brainstormed and research!!! so we did still make use of our time kies! =/ 2 weeks of school had been draining me out almost 70%. gosh, how much time can i replenish with all those draining?! lack of sleep, tonnes of work to be done, topics to study for UTs. GOD!! year 3s are dying due to FYP!! now the 3 letters had been on my head since dont know when. arrghh! oh. and something to be happy about! derek ang gave me an 'A'!!!! woots! he said i was trying to speak out. and that is a good sign. and Junior was shocked that he gave me an 'A'. felt insulted. =/ haas. and he asked me how to get an 'A'. then i told him to speak up more when he asked questions loe. just that he would grade you quite highly le. and most ridiculous is!!! when i asked him whether he know how to use PPT, he hesitate for awhile and shake his head. and i gave him a ridiculous face, and he suddenly said he knew. =_= gosh! throughout todays' meeting, just looking at him and Sam, is enough to make me and Joey to laugh out in tears. Chuyun and Rosaline team was somewhere near our table, and they were looking over and laughing too. looking at the scene how my team is working along. Rosaline team was also doing some stunts. Rosaline threw Eddy(i think) flip phone. gosh. my heart jumped alittle. cause scare drop. but his flip phone really damn flip. you can just swing it open. LOL. i suppose its enough of FYP le ba. =)) lets talk about some other stuff.
oh yar. our school SLA fiesta starts le. cool! ling ling got a goodies bag for me out of nowhere. =_=
but thanks. lolx! inside got NUM voucher!! but no magazine. i want the magazine. =(( but i feel like buying CLEO. budden, its just a magazine. dont wish to spend money on magazines. cause just read only. hees. today, talked about unhappy stuff. everything i kept it short. but i really relieved that they are still there, always. although i had no idea whether the unfortunate things might happen to me anot, but im just appreciated for that moment. where you guys were. maybe it might not be anything important to you guys, but for that very moment it matters alot for me. =)) thanks! recently i was very stressed about EVERYTHING that is going on. the club, friends, outing, school work, etc. they are driving me crazy. some of you might already know why am i so stressed and being emo at certain times of the day. but if you dont know, then its okie then. =))
hmm. and i had been a good listener to my friends alrite! haas. at least i knew what was happening to them and tried to keep them moods up. but looking at them like that, just tends to look back in the past. recalled the past, just brings me back the mood. pulling me back to the place where i ran away from. maybe if i had bravely faced this fact, i might not be feeling so bad instead i would be feeling grateful.grateful that they left me for good. nar. stop thinking,Angelynn. it doesnt works good if i keep thinking on it. =)) oh yar, recently i knew how to prevent myself from being late! lols. i bet with a friend, meet 7.30am. who is late then treat a drink. i who is losing in the first place manage to get a draw!! wahaha!! and i wasnt late for my lessons either. so this kind of works, but it wont work for long cause im running out of places to eat breakfast. a bit sick of eating Mac burgers. *vomit* maybe i will just meet and not eat, maybe drink tea? *nod* i shall do that. alrite!!!!! i think enough of my 2 weeks of updates! and im going back to my FYP log book!!!!! someone just save me!!!!!!! =(((((

written @ 11:14:00 PM
Monday, April 07, 2008

my blog is dead during the holidays. SO DEAD. that my past post is the end of the previous semester. quite pathetic eh. =/  so i shall just briefly say about what i had been doing during the holidays ba. first, i had been working at Swensons.(poor me. had to travel to so far to earn that amount of money) and i also worked at the IT fair. i earned much more than the 2 months that i worked at swenson. O.O  imagine how much i was paid for 2 months of hard work. T.T  but nvm that. i celebrated Nad and Boon birthday during march. =)) was happy celebrating with them. but the price for being happy is...... *speechless*  NVM. money is earned to be spent.  (what a way to console myself.=/ well, i stopped working for 1 week before sch starts. i practically just rot at home!! it was for my resting, i even asked my mum not to bother about me. just too tired to go out anymore. and no money to go out either. need to save up. =((  so i just stayed at home, watched shows that i dl and read the book that i borrowed from Sarah. and got my pay checks from Swenson and IT fair. =DD  i got money for my Taiwan trip!!! so HAPPY!!! but i need money to return my bro and winnie. =(( the money need to take from my allowance. boohoo...~~~ but okie lar. the money that i took, is to buy dad a mp3, mum a HDD, myself a HDD also, shared pressies with the rest for nad and boon. woah..!! haven get pay, spent so much money le... *pengz* anyway, i blog le! so......should be updating it often lar, cause now sch starts le, should have free time then. wahaha. =DD  byebye!   oh..something to add. one of my colleage working at swenson, is my junior at RP!! wahaha..!!!

written @ 4:03:00 PM
Tuesday, January 29, 2008

long time never update le, cause previous time got some stupid problems. so now update the photos ba. lazy to type so much. =P


this sweet cost me S$4.00|- damn expensive sia!


wahaha. winnie treat me de. 2 Kinder Bueno. =D


Fish & Co. we went there on Sat night. *slurp*

 DSC08237 DSC08239 DSC08238

our food. chips.seafood splatter.coke tonic. XD nice!


delicious ice-cream that would make me fat. =X


my dinner with Bro at Kenny Roger. XD


forgot whats the name le. =X but its nice. herbal something de.


this is what they give us at the end of the dinner. haas. gave it to mama le.


first time buying donut factory donuts. not bad. but too sweet.

i think thats all ba. now damn hungry. and we recently got a game that we played. www.viwawa.com there got wajong and Big2.5. can go there play and create ur wawa. keke.

written @ 4:04:00 PM

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